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EBEA Consulting strives to redefine the concept of consultancy. We take pride in offering simple, cost-effective and customised solutions that are easily embedded in each organisation.

All that coming from hands-on airport operator's experience.

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We offer businesses our experience in optimising operations, by exploring each individual process and redefining the system as a seamless working entity, in order to achieve a sustainable and balanced operation. We specialise in guiding airport operators through a journey towards delivering an uninterrupted passenger experience.

We are a modern consultancy offering tailor-made solutions for airport-wide operations engineering and optimisation.



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"The team at EBEA Consulting delivered an excellent set of simulations and videos that enabled us to produce mitigation measures to physical distancing within a security checkpoint. They carefully understood the upfront requirements and constantly communicated to the team at ACI in order to deliver the project quickly and with care, producing first-rate results. I would recommend any airport that wishes to understand modelling different aviation scenarios to get in touch with EBEA Consulting."


Billy Shallow

Director, Innovation and Technology, ACI World