Bristol Airport:

Operational review of terminal performance post COVID-19



Bristol Airport (BRS) is the 9th largest airport in the UK and England’s 3rd largest regional airport. Being one of the largest employers in the South West, it served over 9 million passengers per year, offering flights to over 120 destinations, before COVID-19.

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Bristol Airport business need:

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BRS has made some extensive changes to promote the safety of their customers during the pandemic, with this to remain a top priority as they move forward.  In terms of its operational areas, Bristol Airport wanted to understand what demand could be processed, given the observed changes to passenger characteristics and new safety measures introduced across the airport infrastructure. Another focus of the project was to assess operational performance that could be achieved across the key processing areas during busier periods when traffic starts to recover.

EBEA Consulting solution:

With the use of fast-time simulation software, EBEA has built a complex terminal model calibrated against the airport’s pre-COVID performance. This enabled insights into whether SLAs could be maintained, what the minimum infrastructure requirements were and if the designated queueing areas were sufficient to accommodate expected demand. The results of the analysis were formulated in the form of red-amber-green diagrams with a detailed report to complement this visual representation of operational pinch-point areas and their respective expected performance.

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  • Identification of key constraints and bottlenecks for all terminal operational areas

  • Recommendations for better utilisation of existing infrastructure and resources

  • Prediction of expected performance for each of the processing points, using three different infrastructure utilisation scenarios

  • Video materials explaining the modelling and its outcomes

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