Strategic Operations Airport Digital Twin

EBEA Consulting initiative:

The aviation industry has been continually evolving to become safer, more efficient and provide an excellent passenger experience. This ever-changing nature is also reflected across airport operations and there are four main pillars that can drive operational change:

1. Regulation and compliance (e.g.: security operations/screening requirements).

2. Demand and its characteristics (e.g.: passenger demographics, airline mix, fleet mix).

3. Process efficiency and technological advancements (e.g.: self-service and automation vs. conventional process).

4. Passenger experience (e.g.: biometrics, digitalisation, personalised airport journey).

COVID-19 pandemic is just one of the numerous examples of airports undergoing significant changes to their status quo. To support airport decision-makers with efficient operations planning,  EBEA offers the development of an extensive "Strategic Operations Airport Digital Twin"


It is a digital model reflective of the airport existing infrastructure and processes, designed to provide the most comprehensive insights that help understand the impacts of any change to that airport's environment, covering landside, terminal and airside.

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This virtual simulation model, capable of reflecting the actual operation, gives an airport operator the chance to make decisions within a data model, analyse the outcomes and optimise the results.

EBEA Consulting Solution:

Coupling our extensive experience as airport operators with advanced fast-time simulation software, we build a model of airport infrastructure and operation, capable of:

  • Capturing interactions between various sub-system parts and processes. 

  • Producing results of fully randomised inputs, based on complex statistical distributions.

  • Providing the highest level of detail to make informed data-driven decisions.

  • Generating powerful reporting and 3D visualisations.

Digital Twin provides a safe and cost-efficient environment to test strategies without disrupting live operation! 

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Developing a "Strategic Operations Airport Digital Twin", empowers airport operators and key stakeholders to:

  • Get a holistic view of airport performance to meet passenger and regulation requirements.

  • Analyse changes to airport infrastructure, demand characteristics and operational processes in a sandbox environment, unique to each individual airport.

    • Cost-effective solution with no need for trials and pilot programmes​ that can disrupt the live operation.

  • Confirm airport capacities through identification of bottlenecks and key constraints across all operational areas.

  • Perform "what-if" scenario testing to:

    • Assess optimisation strategies for better utilisation of existing infrastructure and resources.

    • Establish key enablers and requirements for future growth.

    • Support transition periods with revision of phasing strategies and their impacts on the passenger experience.

  • Improve flexibility to possible future situations, like the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Build end-to-end situational awareness, improve productivity and promote data-driven decision-making.

  • Enhance collaboration between all airport stakeholders through powerful messaging including model videos.

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